NBA Free Agency 2014: Greg Monroe Among Top Players Still Available

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Feb 5, 2014; Orlando, FL, USA; Detroit Pistons power forward Greg Monroe (10) looks up against the Orlando Magic during the second quarter at Amway Center. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Monroe, Center

As mentioned before, Van Gundy wants Monroe to remain a Piston.

"“[We] tried to make a very strong case for ourselves and for our organization. I think that we’ve tried to make him understand what we’re trying to do and why we think he’s an important part of it, but again, he’s got some decisions to make, too.”"

SVG and the Pistons have also been attempting to find a new home for Josh Smith to reassure Monroe that he won’t have to re-live the bad fit of last season’s experience.

Monroe, 24, has absolutely huge potential. The fact of the matter is however, that the front court is somewhat crowded in Detroit and Monroe may end up displaying that potential somewhere else.

Ashley Dunkak of CBS Detroit broke down the number of options facing Monroe and the Pistons this offseason:

"“As a restricted free agent, Monroe can either sign a qualifying offer from the Pistons, remaining with the team one more season and entering unrestricted free agency in 2015; sign an offer sheet from another team that would force the Pistons to choose whether to match it or let him walk; or sign a long-term deal with the team. The Pistons could also deal Monroe in a sign-and-trade.”"