David Brandon: Brady Hoke Job Insecurity Manufactured By Bloggers


Apr 5, 2014; Ann Arbor, MI, USA; Michigan Wolverines head coach Brady Hoke during the Spring Game at Michigan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It’s another season with Brady Hoke at the helm of the Michigan Wolverines football program.  That means there is another season of questions about Brady Hoke’s job status.

Hoke has been on the hot seat with Michigan fans for a couple of season now but has the fire surrounding Brady Hokes job security at Michigan being set off by the blogoshpere

When you coach one of the nations most recognizable college football programs you would think that just posting seven wins the previous season would be enough to put a coach on the hot seat.  Not according to Michigan Wolverines AD David Brandon who says the only controversy surrounding Brady Hokes by bloggers.

"“That’s websites and that’s bloggers and that’s social media and that’s all part of the game played out there,” Brandon said today on 105.1 FM. “Let’s stir up controversy. This happens every year and I can’t do very much about that other than, it’s nonsense. Brady and his staff are building something very important here and I believe strongly we’re moving in the right direction. I’m looking forward to a great season coming up and all this hot seat stuff is nonsense, I don’t pay any attention to it.”"

Brandon may not be paying attention to the bloggers but the bloggers are paying attention to the product on the field in Ann Arbor.

Just thinking out loud but maybe that is what is inspiring all of the negative talk about Brady Hoke.

In fact there are a number of reasons that Hoke should be on the hot seat:

Bowl Embarrassment

The Michigan Wolverines barely qualified for a bowl last season after finishing with just seven wins. Michigan’s bid to the Buffalo Wild Wings was a gift given based on Michigan’s name recognition.  The Wolverines were so thankful for the opporunity that they rewarded the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl committee by rolling over and playing dead in 31-14 loss to Kansas State.

Fading Rivalries

The Michigan Wolverines have been terrible against their rivals in the Brady Hoke era. They were embarrassed last season by the Spartans on November 2nd and were unable to squeak past Ohio State.  Sure they played hard but it was clear the Hoke’s team was out manned and out coached in both games.

Off Field Fumbles

Hoke has certainly left a lot to be desired regarding his team’s record but he hasn’t managed to avoid controversy off of it either.

There is the mishandling of the Brendan Gibbons expulsion and the controversy about when Hoke knew about hios kickers problems with the law.

And last but not least there is the story about Hoke’s refusal to wear a headset, a story Hoke himself keeps resurrecting by continually by bringing it up in an effort to  justify the practice.

It seems the rise in temperature on Brady Hoke’s hot seat is a result of the friction Michigan’s head coach is creating for himself.

I Got The Cure

There is only one way this heat can be reduced.  The Wolverines must win this season.  If they continue to lose then Hoke and Brandon can expect to rising temperatures to continue. And that is not just blogosphere hyperbole.