Detroit Tigers Must Win To Avoid Tiebreaker Game 163


If the term game 163 doesn’t make you sick to your stomach then you aren’t a Detroit Tigers fan. Game 163 should bring back memories of 2009 when the Tigers gave up a multiple game division lead to the Minnesota Twins after a September slump.  The Tigers went on to lose the game and missed the playoffs.

This years scenario is a bit different becuase the Tigers are already guaranteed a olayoff spot. But playing in and losing game 163 could be just as devastating as it was in 2009.  First off lets take a look at the possible ramifications for winning and losing today against the Twins.

  1. If the Tigers win and the Royals win, Detroit will win the division and move on to face the Baltimore Oriloes in the ALDS.
  2. If the Tigers win and the Royals lose, Detroit will win alos move on to the ALDS
  3. A Tigers loss coupled with a Royals loss will also in a division title and trip to the ALDS
  4. But a Royals win and a Tigers loss will force a tiebreaker game on Monday at Comerica Park.

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It is the fourth scenario that the Detroit Tigers must avoid at all costs. If the Tigers were forced to play in a tie breaker game they would most likely use Max Scherzer to start. Win or lose that would make Max unavailable for either the wildcard game on Tuesday or game 1 of the ALDS on October 2nd.  If the Tigers were to lose the tiebreaker that would leave either Justin Verlander or Rick Porcello to pitch in the wild card game and neither of those options should fill fans with confidence.

The Detroit Tigers can avoid playing two extra game before the ALDS by beating Minnesota today.  A win today would allow Brad Ausmus to set up the ALDS rotation without concern about starting pitchers on short rest. That set-up will play a major factor in winning the 5 game ALDS.

Winning today would also allow the Tigers to rest their big bats for a few days. Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez and JD Martinez are clearly gassed and could use a few days off.

It is simple, if the Detroit Tigers want to have a serious shot at the world series they must win today.