Victor Martinez is the MVP of the 2014 Detroit Tigers


Victor Martinez is the MVP of the 2014 Detroit Tigers.  At 36 he had his best year with career highs in batting average, home runs, and driving in 100+ runs for only the fifth time in his career.  With Miguel Cabrera not having his typical year because of injuries, Victor’s contributions have been essential to the Tigers chances of winning.

Why Not The Other Martinez

The reason I chose Victor Martinez instead of JD as the MVP is because of V-Mart’s contribution over the entire season. While both players had career years, Victor helped carry the load the first month before J.D. was signed from free agency after being released by the Houston Astros.

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Fountain Of Youth

I turn 37 this year and to think a 36 year old can have his best year in baseball is just crazy to think about.  He and Tori Hunter seem to have found the fountain of youth as both have helped carry this team to their fourth consecutive American League Central Championship.  How they continue to post better than average numbers year in and year out is just incredible.  Victor Martinez has clearly healed from his knee injury two years ago to the dismay of the Tigers adversaries.

Keep On Rolling

Tiger fans can only hope Victor Martinez continues his incredible season in this years playoffs. Miguel Cabrera’s power has returned over the last month of the season. That makes the bat of Victor Maryinez even more important to the playoff roster as teams are bound to start pitching around Miggy again. If the last 4 playoff runs have shown Detroit Tigers fans anything its that hitting is a lot tougher in the playoffs.  Hitters are always facing the best pitchers in the game almost every game.  With the way he has been going Victor can hit anyone on the league and it he can keep it rolling we might be celebrating come the beginning of November.

Its All About The Finish

Hopefully the last three years have taught these guys how to win and they will finish the deal this year.  Considering they have a first year manager hopefully Tori and Victor will take more of a leadership role and get everyone in line for the playoffs.  I believe Victor Martinez will hit in the playoffs and be the MVP of the playoffs for the Detroit Tigers.