Detroit Red Wings Early Outlook Seems Promising


Hey Hockey Town! How is everyone feeling?

The correct answers are amazing! Great! Ecstatic!

Why you ask? Because the Red Wings are back in action and the season is in full swing. We are just two games in and it just made sense to me to do a season outlook, based on two games. Here we go.

There is hockey once again in the D and the Wings are looking pretty good so far. Through two games the team has looked solid with some great zone work, smooth entries, and on par goaltending. There have also been some surprising stand-out players. This is what I have gathered so far from our encounters with Boston and Anaheim.

Brendan Smith has been impressive. He has paired great with Danny DeKeyser and at certain points they flow like water. They have had some great zone entry moments and have really stepped up in the offensive department. I think this was best displayed in their first game against Boston. Smith and DeKeyser have been stepping up their game which has led to more puck control and ultimately more shots on net, all while preventing an assault from the opposing team.

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The Red Wings defense was the focal point of a lot of criticism about this season, but it may just shake out fine. Trade rumors are still circulating about the possibility of a trade for Buffalo’s Tyler Meyers but I would take that with a grain of salt. If the defense can get the turnovers under control they may not need a boost after all.

Gustav Nyquist has also been a force to be reckoned with, even this early in the season. With two goals in two games it seems like he will just pick up where he left off. He looks relentlessly aggressive at times, taking every opportunity he gets to get the puck on net. Personally I would love him to have a 40 goal season but that may be a little unreasonable, 30 seems more likely.

Jimmy Howard has also been pretty on point. His game against Boston was good, granted he didn’t face a ton of shots. In the ending moments where Boston was pouring it on he came through and shut down the offense. The Anaheim game was a little more shaky with a bad read on a pass out that lead to a Ducks goal. Taking that into account it was nowhere near the worst game he has played. The bottom line is that he looks much more comfortable and confident. I think that his bad season let him beat himself up enough to fix his game and work on his weak spots (except for passing out of the zone apparently).

Oh! Dan Cleary still has knees and Franzen is still skating straight, just thought you all would like to know.

With this quick glimpse I really like what I see. They played well against two of the tougher teams in the league and looked in control for most of it. Iron out the small bumps, stay injury free, and hope that the Bruins crash and burn and the Red Wing’s outlook is a very bright one (based off these two games that we have seen).

What have you seen? Anything I may have overlooked or just want to share your opinion? Leave a comment below or talk to me on twitter @BringingTheWing