College football rivalries: Key dates in Michigan–Mich. State history

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Clock froze at 0:01

Nov. 3, 2001, Michigan State 26, Michigan 24


With 2:09 left to play, Michigan was holding on to a 24-30 lead. The Spartans began their final drive at the Michigan 44. Aided by good clock management and a pair of costly U-M penalties, the Spartans were able to get off 12 plays before MSU quarterback scrambled to the two as seconds ticked of the clock.

Apparently, Smoker was able to dust himself off and spike the ball before time expired.  He then calmly tossed the winning TD pass to T. J. Duckett.

While Michigan players and coaches were angered by the defeat, it was Wolverine and WJR radio announcer Frank Beckmann who blew a gasket. Calling the last few seconds “criminal,” Beckmann said the last tick stayed  “on the board for an eternity.”

Lost in the shuffle was a 211-yard rushing performance by Michigan State’s Duckett.