Detroit Red Wings Week Ahead; Possible Roster Moves


A busy week is ahead for the Detroit Red Wings. The Red Wings play three games this week and will more than likely be forced into making roster moves.

Three games in seven days

This week alone The Red Wings will take on The Washington Capitals, the defending Stanley Cup champs L.A. Kings and finish up at Buffalo. The Red Wings will travel to Washington and return home to play the Kings on Friday. They will then travel to Buffalo all before weeks end. The hope would be that the team would come out of this weekend with 2 wins. I think they have a good chance of beating the Capitals and the Sabers, the Kings not so much. The Kings are a different level of a team that the Red Wings aren’t. If the team can win two out of three I think the team and fans would be happy.

Roster movements

Johan Franzen should be coming back into the picture sometime this week. Franzen has been on the short-term IR since October 17 when he suffered a groin injury in a game against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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If Franzen does return this week it means the Red Wings will have to make some moves. They have options such as waiving players such as Daniel Cleary, Andrej Nestrasil or Brian Lashoff. Cleary has been a healthy scratch all season, Lashoff and Nestrasil are both out of minor league options so once waived they would be gone. If the team chooses not to waive anyone they can send Tomas Jurco down to Grand Rapids.

Waiving one of the three players above seems like the logical idea. Cleary has yet to play a game this season so waving him makes the most sense. I don’t see the 35 year old Cleary having some great season and I would like to see what the younger guys Nestrasil and Lashoff can do. It seems highly pointless to send down or waive young talent for a older player who spends more time in the press box than on the ice. This team is middle of the road when it comes to being young. Let them play together and become a team.

If you were in charge, how do you handle this bringing back Franzen situation? Send down Jurco or waive someone.