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Detroit Tigers Tue..."/> Detroit Jock City Morning Drive

Detroit Tigers Tue..."/> Detroit Jock City Morning Drive

Detroit Tigers Tue..."/>

Detroit Tigers Weigh Options With Victor Martinez, A Look At The Prospects and more…


Detroit Jock City Morning Drive

Detroit Tigers Tuesday Edition

The Detroit Tigers and their fans cannot wait for the World Series to end.  And not just because the Kansas City Royals are in it.  Shortly after the end of the World Series comes the start of free agency and Dave Dombrowski is ready to start his off-season tinkering.

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But before Dombrowski begins courting new free agents he has some housekeeping to take care of first. Two Detroit Tiger players will be among the prized free agents on the market this off-season.  And both have turned down the Detroit Tigers initial contract offer.  That leaves Dave Dombrowski with some big decision left on the table when the off-season frenzy begins this week.

While the Detroit Tigers General Manager is studying free agency he must also prepare for the prospect of not having Miguel Cabrera in the line-up to open the season. During surgery to remove a bone spur in his ankle it was discovered the Cabrera also had a stress fracture that required two screws to repair.  The rehab required may linger into and through spring training.

The links to all of these stories and more are in the Detroit Tigers Tuesday Edition of the Detroit Jock City Morning Drive. 

From Mlive: Will Victor Martinez Get A Four Year Deal

"Victor Martinez wants to return to Detroit and the Tigers have made it well known that they would gladly welcome him back. But will it actually happen? Martinez is said to be seeking a four-year contract this winter, which could prove to be a problem for the Tigers, given the injury concerns with Miguel Cabrera."

From The Freep: Miguel Cabrera’s Rehab May Linger Into Spring

"It always was possible that Miguel Cabrera would have surgery on his ankle this off-season. Cabrera had a bone spur in his right ankle, Detroit Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski said a short while ago. If it had to be removed, he said, it would be relatively simple procedure."

From MLive: Kevim Ziomek Is A Prospect To Watch

"leven pitchers made their major-league debuts for the Detroit Tigers during the 2014 season. Some of them were surprises. Who would have guessed at the start of the season that Patrick McCoy, Chad Smith, Kyle Ryan and Buck Farmer would all pitch for the Tigers in 2014? So, who’s next? Which pitching prospect who is deep in the minor leagues could be the next to make his major-league debut for the Tigers?"

From Bless You Boys: Andrew Miller Is The Relief Ace The Detroit Tigers Need

"Oh what could have been. The Tigers were reportedly close to dealing for left-handed reliever Andrew Miller at the non-waiver trade deadline this season, only to see the Baltimore Orioles swoop in at the last minute to lock him down. Just over two months later, Miller tossed 3 1/3 scoreless innings in a pair of crucial spots against the Tigers in the ALDS. It’s tough to say that one player — and a reliever, at that — could have turned the tide of a 3-0 series, but a pitcher as dominant as Miller can help shape an entire bullpen."