Detroit Jock City Staff Writer Of The Week – Gwen De Young


Detroit Jock City has grown and is quickly becoming a must read for tens of thousands of Detroit Sports fans every month.  The success is in no small part to the talented staff that has come on board to share their passion on the pages of Detroit Jock City. For the last few weeks the editors at Detroit Jock City have submitted nominees for a division staff writer of the week.

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One of our writers, Joel Greer has recently been honored as divisional writer of the week.

That got us thinking. We should recognize our own staff publicly for the hours of dedication they put into making our website a success.

It is not easy being a writer for Detroit Jock City.  Because we are part of the FanSided network, our staff must rise to the high standards the network demands.  In order meet these standards our staff under goes a series of tutorials to learn how to create content the FanSided way.

We appreciate all the efforts of our staff and hope that this recognition will reward them while inspiring others to join our staff of passionate bloggers.

This weeks Detroit Jock City Staff Writer Of The Week is Gwen De Young

We asked Gwen a few questions about her time at Detroit Jock City, here is her interview.

DJC: Why did you choose join our staff at Detroit Jock City?

De Young: I started writing for Detroit Jock City because I wanted a place to get my feet wet in the world of writing for something other than my own blog or school stuff. Also I wanted to be able to write about the teams that I liked and actually get a bigger audience to read my stuff and have a conversation with people about the teams I love.

DJC: What do you like most about writing for Detroit Jock City?

De Young: I love that I can write about Detroit sports and have an open conversation about those teams. I really love how nice all of other writers are and Nate and yourself. You guys have helped me so much the past few weeks with my ridiculous question at ungodly hours of the day/morning. That I’m probably the most thankful for because I feel like I can ask for help when I need it and won’t be called dumb for asking. So thank you!

DJC: Of the posts you wrote this week, which was your favorite and why?

De Young: My favorite post was my post dealing with fighting in the NHL and the debate about it. I was watching the OHL game that Connor McDavid was hurt in and the first thing I thought was, “oh no the fighting debate is coming”. It was inspired by I’ve been around hockey since I was 3 and still have many friends that are still playing and a good number of them are enforcers so the fighting debate is always talked about in our circles. I have always had a very interesting opinion on it and felt that I would put it into a post and my fighting in hockey post was written.

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