Max Scherzer To New York Yankees Probably Scott Boras Smoke Screen


It has been a very quiet offseason for this years biggest free agent Max Scherzer.  Of all the stories that circulate every year during the Hot Stove league the biggest free agents are almost always mentioned in nearly every one of them.  Not so for this years Hot Stove star Max Scherzer.  The only stories it seems Scherzer is mentioned in is about a lack of interest among major league teams.

It is speculated that the lack of interest has something to do with Scherzers agent Scott Boras.  Just the mention of Scott Boras seems to drive the price up on any free agent which is probably why seems teams are taking a wait and see approach.

Max Scherzer turned down a lucrative $144 million dollar offer from the Detroit Tigers before the start of the 2014 season.  It has been estimated that Scherzer could be looking for a contract that exceeds the number Zach Greinke signed with the Dodgers.  That could push asking price tag on Max Scherzer to over $200 million dollars for 7 years.

There are bound to be a number of teams interested in Scherzers services. The Angels, White Sox and Cubs have all been rumored to want Scherzer. But they have been quiet so far leaving the market soft for the right hander.  But that could all change after a story today by baseball insider Jon Heyman.

"So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that there’s a chance that the Yankees and Scherzer may start becoming tied together, at least in terms of talk. It’s a match that might make sense. Nothing has been decided yet, but it seems the Yankees may revisit their initial instinct to largely sit this winter out, at least when it comes to baseball’s biggest free agents. They still may do that, but if there’s one name that seems to intrigue them it’s very likely Scherzer, baseball’s leader in wins (55) and strikeouts (723) among all pitchers over the past three seasons."

Sounds like the Yankees may be all in according to Heyman, that is until you read further into the story.

"The Yankees and Scherzer’s agent, Scott Boras, are said to have had a brief contact sometime since returning from the GM meetings, and word is the Yankees may “revisit” their inclination not to make any big expenditures this winter."

I think the key phrase here is “brief contact”.  that could be as simple as leaving a voicemail.

Heyman also said that Boras had contact with “The Yankees” and didn’t mention any person or position within the organization.

When Jon Heyman reports something it is accurate and he didn’t use the word brief on accident.  I have no doubt that Scott Boras called the Yankees about Scherzer after the GM meetings.  If he was doing his job he probably called any team that has the budget to pay his client. That is why  I would be careful not to assume the Yankees have a serious interest in Max Scherzer.  Rather this could be an elaborate ploy by Boras to stoke the flames on a less than favorable market for his client.  Lets not help the man by jumping to conclusions and creating more buzz than necessary.

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