Detroit Pistons Could Have Reached Turning Point In Loss To Phoenix Suns


There are points in any good story when the plots turns and the saga becomes a little more compelling.  That turning point could have happened for the Detroit Pistons loss on Wednesday night against the Phoenix Suns.

On the 10th anniversary of the Malice in the Palace the tension was palpable from the beginning as the Detroit Pistons came out trying to physically dominate the Suns. The physical play led to an exchange of words between Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Suns forward Markieff Morris.

The exchanged sparked a trash talk war that eventually spilled over into the post game press conferences where Markieff Morris questioned the heart of the Detroit Pistons second year shooting guard.

Upon hearing of Morris’ comments Stan Van Gundy came to the defense of KCP by referencing Morris’ lack of postseason success.

"“I’m not quite sure – maybe he knows – I’m not quite sure what Markieff Morris has accomplished in the league that gets him to the point of mouthing off,” Van Gundy said after today’s practice. “I mean, I don’t like the mouthing off anyway. “It seems to me you should at least participate in a playoff game before you do. But maybe not, maybe that’s not the standard anymore.”"

And there is the tipping point.

If you have seen any of Stan Van Gundy’s post game press conferences you understand how significant it was that the Detroit Pistons head coach took up for one of his players.  He has been highly critical of the team in post game comments this season. In a way the comments were probably a welcome departure for the same questions coming from the press night after night.

Morris’ post game comments may have been similar to the ones made to KCP during the second quarter when the two players came face to face.

"“A lot of emotions were running,” Caldwell-Pope said. “We exchanged a few words with each other. So obviously, out of frustration, he said that.”"

After the exchange it seemed as if the Pistons stepped up their game, playing more aggressively with better ball movement and communication. They actually looked motivated.  Not individually but as a team.

Maybe the in-game and post game attacks on Kentavious Caldwell-Pope’s character will serve as a wake-up call to a team that has struggled to buy into the Detroit Tough identity Stan Van Gundy is trying to instill. Maybe the team will rally around KCP and improve as a team.

Eery team needs a spark that pushed them to the next level.  Last night loss to the Suns, and the controversy surrounding it, could be that spark for the Detroit Pistons.