Is it Panic Time For The Detroit Lions?


I live in a house with a Detroit Lions fan, in fact most of my family are fans of the Lions. For my entire life, they have never been good and so football seasons around my house are usually a toss-up between pure disappointment or utter sadness. I managed to fall in love with the Pittsburgh Steelers and that hasn’t been too bad. However I’ve always had a small soft spot for the Lions because seeing them do well make my father happy. However after the teams 34-9 loss to the New England Patriots I wonder if it panic time for the Detroit Lions and their fans.

Firstly, they lost to the New England Patriots and that team that has Tom Brady, yes that team. Losing to the Patriots is not really that worrisome because they are one of the best teams in the league. Now only being able to produce nine points against them and only managing to muster 15 points in the last two weeks of play, that you can be worrisome of. After a four gaming winning streak the Lions got to play the two best teams in the NFL, which isn’t always desirable but only scoring 15 points and looking like the Lions of the old is not how you go about those games.

The Lions are scoring 17.8 PPG which is 28th in the league. The defense is allowing on average 17.3 PPG so while that is one of the best in the league, it means little when the offense can’t score when they most need to. Really this entire season the Detroit Lions have been coming back and winning games. In games against the New Orleans Saints and The Atlanta Falcons, fans saw quarterback Matthew Stafford lead the offense to the winning score. But in the past two weeks Stafford and the offense have’t really shown up.

In the game against the Patriots the team lost left tackle Riley Reiff and with a short week may cause the team to use Cornelius Lucas who to say the least was lit up by New England players through out the game. With not getting at least one win the past two weeks the Lions find themselves having to win the next three games straight if they want to stay in the hunt for the NFC North, let alone a wild card spot.

While I would suggest that Detroit Lion fans shouldn’t  panic just yet, they should be a little worried. The Lions still have to two with the Chicago Bears, one with the Minnesota Vikings and then close out the season at Lambeau Field against the Green Bay Packers. While I’m not a die hard Lions fan, I know how hard it is for a team to go into Green Bay and win. So Detroit Lions fans, don’t panic yet, continue to watch the games and see how it plays out.