4 Detroit Sportsmen to be Thankful For (video)

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Dec 18, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Detroit Pistons shooting guard Chauncey Billups (1) shares a laugh with teammates during the fourth quarter of Detroit

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Chauncey Billups

The 2000 Detroit Pistons would not have been the same without Chauncey Billups. The Pistons were one of the strongest teams and watching them growing up Billups was always my favorite player. He was a good defensive player and was as humble as they come. He along with Tayshaun Prince and Ben Wallace made for some really exciting basketball to watch. The Pistons really haven’t been the same since the whole Allen Iverson deal which sent Billups to Denver. That trade goes down as one of the worst in the history of basketball, and seeing Billups go was sad.