4 Detroit Sportsmen to be Thankful For (video)

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Number 1:

Magglio Ordonez

This one was oddly easy for me just because how much of an impact he had on Detroit sports. 2006 was a special year for the Detroit Tigers and made the city love baseball again and captured young kids like me to become Tiger fans. Then the walk off shot in the ALCS against the Oakland Athletics that sent the Tigers to the World Series, the faith in the Detroit Tigers was restored. While yes there is Miguel Cabrera and players on the current roster that we should be thankful for, but Ordonez made it so fans had faith again and generated a whole new mass of Detroit Tiger fans. Watching him hit that walk off home run gives me goose bumps when I hear the radio call or see the video, tell me this doesn’t make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.