5 Good Reasons To Watch The Grey Cup


The Canadian Football League is preparing for their Super Bowl this week. The Grey Cup is set to happen this Sunday in Vancouver, British Columbia. The CFL’s Championship Game will be a matchup between the Calgary Stampeders (16-3) and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (10-9). The game is going to be aired on ESPN2 in the states and starts at 6:00 pm. Here are five reasons that you should tune into this years Grey Cup.

It is something different

I have yet to meet a lot of people in the states that haven’t watch CFL and I always tell them to check out at least one game. You never get anywhere in life if you don’t take chances, why not watch a CFL game. Of all games you could watch, the Grey Cup, the Super Bowl of the CFL, is a great place to start. You never know you could watch it and learn you like the game and maybe you watch more next season.

You could see players you lost track of after college.

If you are a fan of Central Michigan Football the Hamilton Tiger-Cats at one time this season were lead by quarterback Dan LeFevour. LeFevour was sidelined with an injury in the middle of this season, but Hamilton also has a linebacker from Central, Jake Olson. There are many international players on both the Tiger-Cats and Stampeders rosters and you are more than likely to see a player who didn’t make the NFL on an CFL team.

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Calgary is playing some really good football.

The Calgary Stampeders have been playing some of the best football this season. The team only lost 3 times this season and are a high scoring team. 3 times this season the Stampeders scored 30 points or more three straight weeks. They also lead the league in points scored with 511 points which also lead the league at 28.4 PPG. Scoring in the CFL is also more frequent so if you like high scoring games there is a chance you could see one between these two teams.

Your team played on Thanksgiving and no other match up excites you.

Your team played on Thanksgiving and now nothing looks good to watch? Then why not flip it over to ESPN2 and watch the Grey Cup? Again, it is something different and you might end up liking it after you watch it. The game is pretty different from NFL play but easy enough to follow. You can score 1 point in the CFL and can return the ball if a kick is failed, that in itself could be fun to watch.

The history and game itself.

This years Grey Cup is the 102th to happen since the it’s early creation in 1909. One of the most historic games in CFL history happened was a Grey Cup game. The Fog Bowl in 1962 saw fog almost postponed the 50th Grey Cup, but they played and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers beat the Hamilton Tiger-cats 28-27. The history of the CFL is very rich and interesting when you start to look into it. If you are interested the site CFL.ca has some very interesting stories about not only the CFL but also players and the Grey Cup.

So this Sunday if nothing looks good on TV flip it over to ESPN2 and watch some of the Grey Bowl, you could like it and have even more football to watch come next season.