Frustration grows as Pistons lose seventh straight


Andre Drummond’s 26 points and 20 rebounds went for nothing last night, as the Detroit Pistons lost their seventh straight game to the Milwaukee Bucks, 104-88, Friday night at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

Losers of nine of their last ten, fans reached their tipping point as they let out a series of “boo’s” as the team made their way back to the locker room at the game’s conclusion. The “boo’s” stemmed from the inconsistent play from the entire team through the first 16 games of the season.

At 3-13 and only ahead of the win-less Philadelphia 76ers, Detroit has been an embarrassment to say the least. The chemistry is taking longer than expected and while Andre Drummond looks to be very slowly putting it together, the rest of the team has taken steps back.

The team is still 28th in the league in scoring and 29th in the league in assist. They are 29th in shooting percentage and free-throw percentage. The Pistons have the second worst home record (2-6) in the Eastern Conference and the third worst road record (1-7) in the Eastern Conference.

“We should be better than we are.” Van Gundy said in his post-game press conference.

The rotations are still shaky and at times they look lost running their offensive sets. While the team has done well rebounding the ball and have managed to be middle of the pack defensively, everything else has been a struggle and they have been impossible to watch without becoming upset.

It would be fair to say, this team does not have the talent to win.

It has reached a point where Coach/President of basketball operations, Stan Van Gundy to try and make a move. Josh Smith would be the obvious choice, but, moving the $54 million contract he has, compiled with his less than average play, will be almost impossible.

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Forward Greg Monroe is probably the only piece teams would be interested in. Through the first 16 games of the season, Monroe is averaging 15 points and 10 rebounds, while shooting nearly fifty-percent from the floor. If the team continues to struggle, chances are he will probably walk at the end of the season, so, why not trade him before he leaves and the Pistons are left with nothing.

Simply put, everything is wrong with the Pistons, they are not a good team and it has begun to frustrate the fans. The Pistons early struggles are not pointed at one person, instead their struggles are pointed at the entire team and coaching staff. There is no leader on the team and the veteran leadership they have, has been nonexistent.

Detroit owes it to themselves and their fans to play at a higher and more competitive level. The loyal fans have become frustrated in the team’s uninspiring play to start the season.