Pat Narduzzi To Replace Brady Hoke? Famous Spartan Says No Way


It took about a nano second for the pundits, blogger and fans to start the speculation about who will follow Brady Hoke as the Michigan Wolverines head coach. Some have even dared to suggest that the Wolverines should look to a school a little further north for the answer.

Who would suggest such a betrayal of the Spartans.  You can direct your anger toward Fox Sports Bruce Feldman

"On the coordinator side, one interesting candidate would be the defensive coordinator at archrival Michigan State, Pat Narduzzi. Would the Wolverine power brokers think it’s beneath them to hire a Spartan? Probably. Then again, it might not look like such a bad thing to hire one of the biggest reasons behind why MSU has beaten Michigan in five of the past six seasons and limited UM to an average of 12 points per game in the last four meetings."

The thought of a possible defection to Ann Arbor by Spartan defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi is probably enough to make both fan bases a little queasy. But consider this for a moment.

If Pat Narduzzi was a coordinator at any other school (save Ohio State) he would be at the top of the Wolverines wish list.

Narduzzi has built an elite defense in East Lansing and is a big part of why the Spartans have replaced the Michigan Wolverines at the top of the Big Ten food chain.

Although he just signed an extension, it is safe to say Narduzzi will be a head coach sooner than later. So will the lure of a potential $4 million annual salary be enough for the Pat Narduzzi to betray the Spartans?  A famous Spartan says not a chance.

Gregg Henson is a former Detroit Sports radio personality and current Sports Content Director for 970 ESPN in Pittsburgh.  Henson, considered by some to be a Michigan insider from his time in Detroit, reached out to the former Spartan and current Pittsburgh Steeler to see if a change in loyalty by Narduzzi was even possible.  His response was clear.

The fan favorite to replace Brady Hoke is former Wolverine and current 49er Jim Harbaugh. It has been rumored that Harbaugh would like the job but his exit strategy from San Fransisco is unclear.  Until it is likely the speculation will include every successful coach in the market for a job.  Despite Le”Veon Bell’s feelings on the subject, the speculation will continue to include Pat Narduzzi.