First Ever College Football Playoff Is Set: Buckeyes Are In, Horned Frogs Are Out


The College Football Playoff Selection Committee has weighed and measured all the teams in the mix for the first ever college football playoff and results are in.  The TCU Horned Frogs, who were ranked #3 in last weeks rankings, dropped three spots to #6 leaving the door open for the Ohio State Buckeyes, sparking a firestorm of controversy.

While appearing on ESPN, selection committee chairman Jeff Long stated the results were close between teams four, five and six but the committee settled on the Buckeyes after several revotes.

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The top six teams can all boast a conference championship but only four of them played a championship game.  TCU and Baylor, both from the Big 12, were named co-championships by the conference instead of a having deciding 13th game.

CFP selection committee chairman Jeff Long was asked if a Big 12 conference championship would have helped TCU or Baylor make the top four.  Although his answer was vague saying that “they do not deal in hypotheticals” Long pointed to the fact that the Buckeyes performance in a “13th game” propelled them into the fourth seed in the College Football Playoff.

As it turns out when the dust settled it was the Ohio State Buckeyes 59-0 molly wop of the Wisconsin Badgers in the Big Ten championship game that set them apart. The Buckeyes selection will fuel the debate on whether winning a conference championship game is a prerequisite to playing for a National Championship.

Now that the selections have been made here is how the first ever College Football Playoffs brackets will look

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide will square off with the #4 Ohio State Buckeyes in the Allstate Sugar Bowl on New Years Day

#2 Oregon Ducks will tangle with the #3 Florida State Seminoles in the Rose Bowl on New Years Day.

The winners of each of those games will play on January 12th in AT&T Stadium for the National Championship.

Although the Big 12 didn’t have a championship game, co-champions TCU and Baylor could end up playing each other this postseason, maybe in the Cotton Bowl,  and finally end the debate on who is the best in the Big 12.

Here are the rest of the 2014 Bowl Projections updated to include the College Football Playoff teams.

*= indicates match-up is set

2014 Bowl Projections – updated 5:08 pm

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