Detroit Pistons May Get Help, Meeks Returns Tonight


The Detroit Pistons at this point could use anything to help them win games. 21 games into the season, the Pistons have three wins. They have the second worst winning percentage only better than the Philadelphia 76ers. One of the 76ers 2 wins, came against the Pistons in early December.

However, help may be coming to the bad team that is the Pistons. Jodie Meeks says he plans to play Friday night but not much. Coach Stan Van Gundy is happy to have Meeks back in the lineup.

"“It hasn’t helped us that we’ve been without him for as long as we have been, We’re a team that’s had problems getting the ball in the basket, and he was brought here to do just that.”"

Meeks signed a three year 19 million dollar contract yet hasn’t played in the regular season due to a stress fracture in his back. Meeks is an offensive power unit that could help the Pistons on both the offense and defensive side of the ball.

Coming into tonight’s game against the Phoenix Suns the Pistons are riding a 12 game losing streak and are 3-19 on the season. So far this season watching the team play is painful and difficult most of the time. The team field goal shooting is 40% and they’re shooting 33% when it comes to three pointers. With Meeks finding his way back into the lineup the offense should improve.

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Meeks shot 40% himself when it came to three pointers last season in Los Angeles. He averaged 15.7 points per game which could help the team who is 29th overall in points per game. Having Meeks back in the lineup will more than likely change the team dynamic up which might be helpful to the team.

The Detroit Pistons take on the Phoenix Suns tonight at 9pm you can catch the game on Fox Sports Plus.

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