Detroit Tigers should Resign Max Scherzer


The Detroit Tigers should resign Max Scherzer.  

Despite the fact that Dave Dombrowski says they would be fine with the four starters they have, they need Scherzer. That’s because with Max they are a World Series contending team.

That is not the case without him.

As good as Justin Verlander and David Price have been, that leaves one big hole to fill with Max gone.  Annibal Sanchez, if he can stay healthy, would ease the loss some what.  The fact that this is even a question is because of the most horrendous deal of all time with the trading of Doug Fister for Ian Krol as the other prospects are no longer on the Tigers, great move Mr. Dombrowski.

The unknown is Shane Greene whom they just got from the Yankees for the guy the scouts and Mr. Dombrowski thought was ready for the Majors in Robbie Ray, again great job Dave and the scouts.

The good thing about the Detroit Tigers is Mr.  Illitch who at any time can and has numerous times stepped in and told Dave to get the job done and sign the player.  So with Max not having signed yet the Tigers are still available because they will not find anyone available who is better in free agency.  When Max turned down the 6 year 144 million dollar contract I was hoping he would work out a deal before the season and we would not be where we are right now.  Which is we need another starting pitcher and no prospects in the minors and there are no other free agents worth what Max Scherzer is.  That is even more the case with Jon Lester now being off the market having signed a 6 year 155 million dollar contract with the Chicago Cubs.

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While the experts say they cannot believe that Scherzer is asking for Kershaw money, and if you compare the regular season stats:

Clayton Kershaw 3 cy young awards, 98-49 wins-loss, 2.48 era, and 1445 strike outs compared to

Max Scherzer 1 cy young award,  91-50 wins-loss, 3.58 era, and 1321 strike outs the post season stats switch

Clayton Kershaw 1-5 wins-loss, 5.12 era, and 58 strike outs compared to

Max Scherzer 4-3 wins-loss, 3.73 era, and 80 strike outs

As you can see it is not that far off to say that they are almost as good and he deserves what the market will hold.  I am just hoping that the team that pays the price is the Detroit Tigers.

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