Detroit Jock City Writer Of The Week: Souichi Terada


Detroit Jock City has added quite a few staff members as of late.  One of the newest is Souichi Terada, this weeks choice for Detroit Jock City writer of the week.

One of the great things about our staff is their diversity.  Our writers come from all walks of life.  Some are seasoned journalists, others college students gaining valuable experience and still others are passionate fans looking for a way to express their thoughts about their favorite Detroit Sports team.

Souichi has joined the Detroit Jock City staff a few weeks ago and has been putting out a lot of great content ever since.  We wanted you to get to know Souichi so we asked him a few questions.  Here is his interview.

DJC: Tell our readers a little about yourself?

"Terada: I’m still a senior in high school which may or may not surprise some of the readers here at DJC. I’ve been blessed for this opportunity to write here at DJC with some fantastic editors in Tony and Nate and I love it everyday. I had a small blog before writing for DJC but never realized how much fun it would be having an expanded audience. I’m not sure what I’ll be majoring in once I hit college but I’ve been accepted to a few here and there so we’ll see what happens."

DJC: Why did you choose to write for Detroit Jock City?

"Terada: I chose to write for DJC over here because of my love for Detroit sports. I wasn’t born in Michigan but I fell in love with the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan. Detroit’s one of the premier sports towns in the nation and constantly underrated and I love how much the fans in the community care about their sports teams. Whether it’s the Lions making a playoff push, the Tigers snagging another central division crown or the Red Wing’s playoff streak, Detroit fans are always there. I love Detroit and that’s why I felt that DJC would be a perfect place for me to write."

DJC: What is your favorite sport and why?

"Terada: Has to be baseball. I never got the chance to play it because track was in the spring but I love how there’s no killing the clock in baseball. There are 27 outs and both teams get that. You can’t stall the clock and you have to give the other team the opportunity to win the game. There’s no backing out of the 27 outs in baseball and that’s something I love about it."

DJC: Out of the posts you have written over the past week which is your favorite?

"Terada: My “Snap Reaction To The Cespedes Trade”. I was checking Twitter during lunch after my Econ test and was a bit late to the party. There were rumors but I was still super surprised Dombrowski went and made that deal. I love that article especially because I secretly wrote (and finished) it during my yearbook period after lunch. Writing it was a lot of fun too because it was new materials on the Tigers after tons and tons of rumors."