Jim Harbaugh To Michigan Noise Too Loud To Ignore


In today’s world of sports media there are the main stream media types and there are the bloggers. The two sides often fail to see eye to eye.  That has been the case during the Michigan coaching search.

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Some bloggers with inside knowledge of the Michigan football program have been saying the Jim Harbaugh is coming to Michigan for weeks while the main stream media has been reluctant to give such talk any credibility.

Now it seems the two sides are starting to agreeing that Jim Harbuagh will indeed make a return to Ann Arbor.  The only question that remains is when?

So what has changed?

The 49ers were officially eliminated from the playoffs last weekend adding fuel to the fire that Jim Harbaugh and the 49er’s are starting the process of ending their tumultuous relationship.

That fire started from an alleged tweet by Jim Harbaugh eluding to the notion that the former Michigan QB was starting to assemble a staff to return to Ann Arbor.

Detroit Sports Rag, edited by self proclaimed Detroit Media Flame Thrower Jeff Moss, had this to say about the tweet.

"As alluded to earlier today on MGoBlog.com, in recent days, Jim Harbaugh sent a text message to Andy Moeller (an offensive line coach on the Browns and the son of Gary Moeller) stating that it looked like they’d be “getting the band back together” — meaning former Michigan players led by Harbaugh heading back to Ann Arbor in an attempt to resurrect the Michigan football program. There has been speculation that Moeller would be a part of Harbaugh’s staff if he left the NFL for U of M.Our source is inside the U of M athletic department and is well-connected.  We also confirmed the text message story through a former Michigan football player."

Former Detroit Sports Talk Legend and Michigan Insider Gregg Henson confirmed Jeff Moss’ conclusions on his blog.

"I’m not sure if The Detroit Sports Rag is talking to the same people I am talking to, but it appears Jim Harbaugh is poised to become the next Head Coach at Michigan.A person closely connected to Michigan and college football just said this to me, “No, SF won’t fire him, I think he’s coming to Michigan."

Now adding a little gas to the fire was a tweet by long time Detroit News columnist and hot dog munching Michigan man Bob Wojnowski who also alluded to a changing tide in the Michigan coaching search.

Seems like the “bloggers” were right.  The scenarios that will bring Jim Harbaugh and Michigan are coming together. Now it remains to be seen whether the deal can get done before too much damage is done to Michigan recruiting efforts.

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