An Early-Season Look At NBA Draft Prospects For The Detroit Pistons

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Standing at a miserable record of 5-22 and past the quarter point of the NBA season the Pistons’ future seems to be a bleak one. Josh Smith will be under contract for 2 more seasons and Pistons fans will be subjected to more long jumpers and lazy defense.

But here’s the favorite part of the NBA season for some fans. Looking at potential NBA Draft Prospects.

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Even better the Pistons have been recently looking for some draft picks by shopping Greg Monroe who will be an unrestricted free agent next summer. With the mindset of a top-5 NBA coach in Stan Van Gundy there will be plenty of prospects in the upcoming draft who can be cultivated.

So we’ll be looking at some top potential NBA draft prospects and we have a special guest here today in my friend, an avid Detroit sports fan, Jay Shah.

We’ll be picking some of the potential draft prospects that we think will be good fits for our Detroit Pistons. We’ll also take into consideration that the Pistons should build around current superstar-in-the-making Andre Drummond.

So without further ado, here we go.

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