An Early-Season Look At NBA Draft Prospects For The Detroit Pistons

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Name: Emmanuel Mudiay

Team/Age: Guagdong Southern/18

Position: PG/SG

Current Stats: 18.9 PPG/6.6 RPG/6.3 APG

Terada: The last player we’re profiling will be the rookie player in China Emmanuel Mudiay.

Due to some personal issues Mudiay decided to play for China’s Guagdong Southern signing a deal over $1 million. He is also endorsed by Under Armour.

Currently due to some issues (mainly injury) regarding his current team he’s been let go of/will be looked at in the future.

So far though his stats speak of a quality basketball player. His numbers may be a little inflated though due to the faster pace in China than in the NCAA.

Except it’s easy to forget that Mudiay is still 18 and won’t be 19 till March. He’s putting these kinds of stats up in a foreign country while also playing against grown men.

Sure it’s in a small sample size of 9 games so far but numerous NBA officials have been clamoring that he’s done fine in raising his stock for the draft.

In terms of fit for the Detroit Pistons Mudiay will fit wonderfully. If he plays Point Guard he’ll fit in well with both Brandon Jennings and D.J. Augustin both struggling. Both will also be on their last deal come the 2015-2016 NBA season and are affordable.

If Van Gundy wants to give Mudiay playing time in his rookie year he will be able to do so easily. I think Mudiay would be a splendid fit for the Pistons as a developing rookie alongside Drummond.

Shah:  The NBA is built now for playmaking point guards that love to push the ball on the fast break and get easy baskets.

These guards are never short on athleticism and have the ability to play a spark plug role for a team. Just a few examples who come to mind are Russell Westbrook, John Wall, Derrick Rose. Two things stand out to me with these players: They’re big (6’3″ – 6’4″) and they’re blazing quick.

This is the potential that Mudiay holds. At 6’5″ and 190 pounds Mudiay has incredible physical tools. Scouts rave about his defense and scoring abilities. That size and speed at the point guard position is a valuable commodity in the NBA.

There will be growing pains for Mudiay such as the lack of true competition at the college level and becoming a more significant playmaker. His situation in China will allow him to truly prove his ability.

I like the fit with the Pistons and I believe that with Van Gundy, Drummond, and Mudiay they would have a solid foundation for the future. Mudiay is a player that can take pressure off of everyone else on the team solely because of his scoring ability and improving passing skills.

Terada: That’ll wrap up our list of potential NBA Draft Prospects for the Detroit Pistons. Obviously there are plenty of other prospects that can come in and produce in the Association. These players were just a small preview of the tons of talent out there.

Now, your thoughts. Of the 5 we highlighted who do you like the most? Or is there another prospect that you like and we didn’t highlight? Do you think the Detroit Pistons should consider tanking in order to get one of these prospects? Comment below your opinion!

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