Detroit Lions Should Cut Ties with Dominic Raiola (video)


This Sunday when the Detroit Lions take on the Green Bay Packers for the NFC North title, Dominic Raiola will not be there to help his team as they take on a favored Packers team. Raiola was suspended after stomping on the ankle of Chicago Bear defensive lineman Ego Ferguson in a Lions win last Sunday. Raiola said the action was not intentional, you be the judge.

With Raiola being suspended for one of the biggest games in his 14 year Lion career, it begs the question if this guy is worth keeping on the team. This isn’t the first time that Raiola has been in trouble because of his actions in games. In fact this is his 6th safety related violation since 2010 and that is why the league suspended him. In a 34-9 loss to the New England Patriots Raiola threw a punch to the back of the head of rookie Zach Moore. That action, Raiola said he didn’t regret.

Raiola was fined 10,000 dollars for that incident.

Raiola isn’t a Aaron Hernandez or Ray Rice problem player. He isn’t a troublemaker off the field. Even though a few incidents may say otherwise. Raiola had a child out of wedlock after having an affair and was sued in 2012 for backed child support. Then there was the time in 2013 when the University of Wisconsin marching band claimed that during warm ups Raiola made homophobic and other rude comments about band members being fat. However other than those two incidents Raiola hasn’t been arrested countless times or suspended for drug use, PED or recreational.

So while he has done questionable things off the field, he isn’t a consistent problem or done some serious terrible thing as other players have done in the league. However his dirty plays and pretty questionable actions does throw up red flags that the Lions have managed to either not see, or fully see and just don’t care to do anything about.

I’ve never played football, yet I did grow up playing sports and I understand that sports are competitive. I’m sure we all have moments growing up playing that we wish we could go back and not do. Whether that was yelling at a another player or an official, it more than likely has happened once. Yet, you are taught to respecting the game and no matter what way you spin it, stomping on guys and punching players in the head is not respecting the game.

After this season the Lions should cut ties with Raiola. In February of this year the center signed a one year deal worth in total 1.5 million dollars. He took a pay cut in 2013 to stay with the team and while that shows his commitment to the team, he isn’t playing in one of the biggest games for the team. What if he had been suspended longer than a game? Say the Lions don’t win at Green Bay and he isn’t there for the first playoff game? How commited to the team is he now? He made a stupid choice and put his team at a disadvantage, that is not a team player.

What do you guys think? Should the Lions continue to keep Raiola around or cut ties with him after this season? Let us know below.