The Cupboard Is Bare For The Detroit Tigers In 2015


Chef Dave Dombrowski has put out a pretty good spread for Detroit Tigers fans the last couple of seasons.  The 2015 version of the Detroit Tigers feature a great line-up, balanced pitching and a rebuilt bullpen. A fest that should statisfy even the hungriest of Tigers fans.

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Detroit Tigers get pick no. 11 in MLB Draft Lottery
Detroit Tigers get pick no. 11 in MLB Draft Lottery /

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  • It better be because if Chef Dombrowski needs to whip up a couple of extra side dishes he may have a hard time finding anything else in the cupboard.  Except maybe a some macacroni and cheese or roman noodles. recently released their annual list of the top 100 prospects in major league baseball and the Tigers are not very well represented.  Outfield prospect Steven Moya made the list at #100 and is the only farmhand on the list for Detroit.  OF Tyler Collins and C James McCann did not make the list but still figure to contribute on the big club this season.

    Poor prospect rankings aren’t the only warning signs the minor league cupboard is bare.  ESPN Insider Keith Law recently released his own rankings of baseball’s minor league system and ranked the Tiger dead last.

    "“Eventually, the music stops, and you look up and Miguel Cabrera is 36 with a 46-year-old body, (Justin) Verlander’s not what he was, Scherzer’s gone,” Law said. “Eventually, this ends and this ends ugly. You hope they win a World Series before that happens.”"

    So how does the farm system impact the Detroit Tigers chances of winning a championship this season?

    It won’t unless the Detroit Tigers are in need of another piece at the trade deadline.  If they need to pull a trade they may find it difficult to pull a trade considering the state of the farm system unless someone emerges.  Dave Dombrowski is known for making something out of nothing but he isn’t a miracle worker.

    The margin of error is very slim for the Detroit Tigers in 2015.  If injury or bullpen issues crop up like they have in seasons past, it may be difficult for the Tigers to fill the holes at the trade deadline.  In short the team that travels north at the end of Spring training is going to have to win without much help from the minors.

    The world series window is closing for the Detroit Tigers. Barring a bold move to restock the farm system the talent doesn’t exist in the minors to replace the teams aging veterans.  Can Dave Dombrowski fianlly bring home the world series championship that has eluded him since 2006?  If it going to happen the time is now otherwise fans could be in for another long wait.