NHL Trade Deadline: Red Wings Debate To Trade Or Not To Trade?


This is the debate that will rage among Red Wings fans. Even though the Wings have young talent, are in the top 10 of every major team stat and sitting at the top of the conference the question will still be asked. Should the Wings trade an asset for a playoff run?

Red Wings GM Ken Holland strategy of ‘standing pat’ is now coming to fruition. The Wings are getting better, led by the up and coming talent of Tomas Tatar and Gustav Nyquist.

What if the Wings did what the fans wanted? Nyquist might not be here, maybe even Tatar?

The debate of selling prospects at a high level for talent to win now isn’t always the greatest solution. Just ask Washington if they would repeat the trade that sent Forsberg to Nashville for Martin Erat. Brian MacLellan, General Manager of the Washington Capitals, wouldn’t and he said as much according to Adam Vignan of NHL.com:

"“I think [Forsberg] has played well. Obviously he’s one of the leading candidates for the Calder Trophy. If you’re asking if I would like to do a do-over? Yeah, sure.”"

Take it from an NHL GM, sometimes what looks like a great trade turns out to be a major set-back.

Detroit has two highly valued prospects in Anthony Mantha and Dylan Larkin both are in the top 50 of NHL prospects, if the Wings talk trades I guarantee you those two names would be brought up. Ken Holland has been reluctant to trade young talent for NHL players and it’s why the Wings are in the position they’re in right now. It’s easy to live in the NHL 15 world where you can trade players and not be hampered long-term, not in real life.

People are always going to act like GM’s in any sport, people act like they can do the same thing. You can’t let stop living in denial.

What Holland has done is build a core of talent in the NHL and minor league system for Detroit his drafting abilities are second to none.

Darren Helm was a fifth round pick, Nyquist 4th round pick, Mrazek 5th round pick and Marchenko 7th round pick. Yet, most Wings fans are doubting a man who any other GM would have gone into rebuild mode, but Holland had an eye on the future not just the present.

I remember a former GM on NHL Network say last week when talking about Ken Holland:

"What Ken has done is amazing, this team hasn’t missed the playoffs now they’re right back where they should be, Ken Holland has taken the rough approach often times in the NHL GM’s think about win-now and forget about the future, sometimes trading good players away that could propel their franchises into the future."

The answer is simple the Wings should stand pat, unless a team gives a sweet deal on a right-handed shot defenseman, stand pat.

It’s like going to look for a new car, the minute you walk in salesman are right there to greet you. It’s not because they like you, it’s because they want the comission that comes with selling a car. Same with NHL GM’s, of course their out for themselves. Do you really think Dave Dombrowski is feeling bad for the Marlins GM for getting Miguel Cabrera? Nope.

Do the Wings need a defenseman? Yep, but don’t lash out on me when I say hold off. And please don’t be “that” guy that cries, “WE DIDN’T GET A DEFENSEMAN, FIRE KEN HOLLAND !!!”

The Wings have talent in GR at defense with Marchenko and Sproul. Just remember if the Wings hold off isn’t going to be the end of the world. After all who wants to be a GM that sent a future star to another team for short-term relief, like the Caps GM.