Detroit Tigers Top Five First Basemen Of All Time

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#4 Cecil Fielder

Cecil broke into the league with the Toronto Blue Jays in 1985 and spent the next four years bouncing between the major leagues and triple-A.  It would take a two-year tour in Japan before Fielder would find his legendary power stroke.  It would take seven years playing in hitter friendly Tigers Stadium for him to hit 245 of his 319 career home runs.

His first year (1990) in Detroit was magical.  The new Tigers first basemen was an unknown to the average Tiger fan but it didn’t take long for the crowd at the corner of Michigan at Trumble to start chanting his name.  Cecil Fielder led the league with 51 home runs and 132 RBI in his first season while whipping Detroit sports fans into a frenzy. Every evening news cast had a highlight of some majestic home run rattling around in the bleachers after leaving Cecil’s bat.

Cecil would hit 30 or more home runs for four of the next five seasons in Detroit before being traded to the New York Yankees in 1996.  Fielder would never reach his previous power marks after leaving Detroit but he left a legacy in more ways than one.

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