Detroit Red Wings aren’t Flashy, but Productive at Deadline


The Detroit Red Wings aren’t flashy, nor do they believe that ‘wowing’ their fan base is a particular need. They don’t do the things that get headlines in papers and that’s okay.

The trade for Erik Cole and Marek Zidlicky is a signature Red Wings trade, and I get the fact that Cole and Zidlicky are on the “old train”, but these are guys who are solid at their position and can help the Red Wings reach the ultimate goal in hockey, the Stanley Cup.

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Is it wise for me to say, this move puts them over the top? Ken Holland had this year as a transition year, and with that Detroit wasn’t the Free agent destination.

Who wants to come to a team in transition?

The Red Wings GM Ken Holland has done a superb job of finding talent, developing and making his team better for not just the short-term, but for the future.

Earlier Monday the Red Wings were rumored in the sweepstakes for Dion Phaneuf of the Toronto Maple Leafs.  However after Toronto asked for too much according to reports and Ken Holland dropped out. Obviously Phaneuf would’ve been a great talent for the Red Wings on the blue line however with free agents this summer like Johnny Boychuk, Jeff Petry and the rising prospects of Xavier Oullett and Ryan Sproul the Red Wings could make moves unlike last year when most thought this would be a transition year.

Detroit Red Wings
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Detroit Red Wings

Erik Cole is a guy who can score, hit and fits the Red Wings style of a fluid skater with size he brings more depth to the forwards of the Red Wings and gives the Red Wings more match ups against other teams.

With Zidlicky he can be a major offensive threat from behind the blueline. He has a wealth of top-level experience and plenty of polish working the power play. He is also a clever passer who packs a heavy shot from the point and likes to join the attack. However he does lacks the size and strength needed to excel when given heavy minutes in the NHL. He is prone to making bad decisions in the defensive zone when under pressure. Zidlicky doesn’t always choose the best time to pinch in from the point.

Basically these were depth moves and with Zidlicky he adds more punch to the league’s best power play.

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  • These moves won’t be more risk than reward there was little to no risk both are pending unrestricted free agents,this move basically told Red Wings fans that they think they can win the Stanley Cup this year.

    The Red Wings moves may be under the radar, they’re not flashy, however moves like this have worked for the Red Wings before, look no further than Dallas Drake.

    This is the Red Wings way and never the less you’re not a bad team defensively as majority of Red Wings fans think, you don’t have the household names, but lets not forget as good as the Red Wings offensively are you rank in top 10 in both goals against and goals for.

    While the Red Wings look to build towards the future, they also look to win in the now they did a great job of getting talent that could help them go on a long playoff run.

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