NFL To Investigate Free Agent Tampering…When Pigs Fly


The free agency signing period begins on Tuesday March 10th at 4pm.  That is the time in which teams can officially negotiate and sign free agents.

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If that’s the case how did the Ndamukong Suh deal get done if the two sides were officially allowed to negotiate.

That is what the NFL wants to know.

via Mike Floiro at Pro Football Talk

"NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells PFT that the league has advised teams that potential violations of the rules regarding the three-day negotiating period will be investigated via memo sent Monday. “The memo makes clear that we will look into any potential violations of the rules,” Aiello said."

To be completely fair the NFL did change things up a little bit this offseason.  This was the first year in which teams could initially reach out to free agents three days before signing day as long as they didn’t finalize any deals. This was to legitimize chatter before free agency officially began.

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  • To absolutely no ones surprise teams, players and their agents took full advantage of the three-day period to negotiate and apparently in Suh’s case, finalize a deal. Isn’t it shocking that a ambiguous, confusing and subjective rule would be grossly violated by teams looking for an edge?

    Maybe if you live on Mars…or if your office is at Ford Field.

    Suh’s deals wasn’t the only one allegedly finalizes this weekend but it was the first to be leaked.  Not only were the terms leaked but the exact dollar figure and the guaranteed money involved.

    Some may think that is evidence of free agent tampering but we will wait to see wait what the NFL’s investigation turns up. Yes the same organization that conducted the investigations into Ray Rice, concussions, allegations of wide-spread domestic abuse, and deflate gate will look into allegations of tampering.  Hopefully those investigations will be conducted with verasity in which they conducted the other inquiries. (note dripping sarcasm)

    I am sure they will get to the bottom of it….in a year or two.

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