Grading the Detroit Lions Free Agent acquisitions

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While it may appear as though the Lions have done nothing in free agency this offseason, the Lions have actually made quite a few important moves that have returned starters or replaced starters. I have devised a grading system that I like to call the Payton Method Of Grading or the P.M.O.G. System to figure out just how the Lions have done thus far. Here’s how it works.

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There are five categories all with a 1-5 rating. 5 being the best 1 being the worst. A 25 would represent a perfect score. The categories are as follows:

Health: Grading the player’s ability to stay healthy and uninjured throughout the season.

Big Play: Grading the big play ability. By this I mean the player’s game changing ability.

Dependability: Grading the player’s ability to be depended upon in tough situations. Example being the Lions depend on Golden Tate in 3rd down situations.

Smart Play: Grading the player based on their mistakes or lack there of. Including penalties, turnovers, and rookie mistakes on and off the field.

Impact: Grading the players overall impact on the team and it’s success.

Here we go.

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