Detroit Tigers Opening Day To Be Alcohol Free Thanks To Scalper Law


Last week the Michigan Legislature passed a law that allowed fans to legally sell their event tickets for above face value.  The so-called scalper law gives ticket holders more opporuntity to sell their tickets at a profit openly without fear of legal consequence.

"“It’s about decriminalizing the practice of reselling tickets,” sponsoring Rep. Tim Kelly, R-Saginaw Township, said in committee testimony earlier this month. “It’s a 1931 law that I think has outlived its usefulness.”"

Good news for season ticket holders who try to unload stubs in order to recoup some of their cost. It is also good news for fans trying to gain entry into a sold out game.

But the law that is applauded by most fans could have a side effect that will not be as celebrated.

In an almost unknown (dare I say nonexistent) part of the law there is a consumer protection clause that is designed to protect fans from ticket fraud by banning alcohol sales before sporting events.   The idea is that drunken fans are more likely to be taken advantage and thus more susceptible to those with nefarious intentions. That means the privilege of being able to sell tickets could in some impossible way impede fans from tailgating before Tigers and Lions games.

Those who believe this line of thinking could be banned from consuming alcoholic beverages during the annual block party that occurs every opening day.  Because of the ticket scalpers it might (or might not) be impossible for fans to fully enjoy the annual celebration of spring depending on your perspective.

To confirm the scalper law has this consumer protection clause, Detroit Jock City reached out to a downriver attorney that specializes in recreation law.  The attorney refused to be named in this post. DJC asked the attorney to review the recently adopted legislation to determine the effect it could have on the Detroit Tigers Opening Day festivities.

"After reviewing the law I have found that there is absolutely no correlation between the consumption of alcohol at sporting events and the measure just passed by the Michigan legislature.  Furthermore I am completely insulted at the fact that you wasted my time with such a stupid idea and you will be getting a bill."

Well that was rude! No wonder why he didn’t want to be named.

Either that nameless downriver attorney really likes to party on opening day or this story was a poor attempt at an April Fools prank.

Maybe we can discuss it over a frosty beer on opening day.  Happy April Fools Day from Detroit Jock City!