Detroit Tigers Week in Review: Week 1


The Opening Week for the Detroit Tigers has come and gone. The baseball season has begun and the Tigers are back on their quest for that elusive World Championship.

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While many critics pegged the Tigers to lose their AL Central division crown, the Tigers have done everything in their power to prove them wrong. They haven’t lost a game and the starting pitching has been surprisingly good. The offense has been on fire and masked the bullpen’s ineffectiveness.

While the Tigers have been perfect thus far it’s impossible to say over the course of a long regular season. There’s still 156 games left in the season. The Tigers will have to do a lot more to win the AL Central for a 5th straight year.

So without further ado, here’s a breakdown for the first week of the 2015 Detroit Tigers:

Week 1 Record: 6-0


vs MIN: 3-0

@ CLE: 3-0

Game of the Week: Saturday, April 11th @ Cleveland 9-6 W

Hitter of the Week: Miguel Cabrera (0.520 (13-25), 2 HR, 8 RBI, 13 H, 4 BB)

Pitcher of the Week: David Price (2 GS, 14.1 IP, 3 R, 0 ER, 11 K, 0.00 ERA)

Power Ranking (Last week’s ranking): (7th) 1st

ESPN: (6th) 1st

USA Today Sports: (7th) 1st

Sports Illustrated: (6th) 1st

FanSided: (7th) 1st

Due to their hot start the Tigers seem to have the top spot in baseball locked in now. The only team that could go against them for 1st in baseball is the Kansas City Royals as they also started the season off a red-hot 6-0 too. For now due to a combination of speed, hitting, and pitching the Tigers peacefully rest in 1st among the critics.

In reality though it’s hard to go against this Tigers team now. They are hitting on all cylinders and dominating the two clubs they’ve faced so far. The offense has been as good as advertised while the pitching has been either sparkling or just good enough.

With Justin Verlander yet to make his first regular season the Tigers have been superb. While the bullpen has been mediocre 6 games into the season the offense has picked up the slack for them. For now though the closer role should be stuck with Joakim Soria. Joe Nathan was unexpectedly put on the 15-day Disabled List so the closer role for now is Soria’s to lose.

Surprise Performance of the Week: 

Shane Greene vs Minnesota Twins 04/09/15

Line: 8 IP, 0 ER, 5 K, 4 H, 1 BB, 85 pitches

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A trade acquisition over the off-season a lot was expected of Shane Greene. After all he was replacing the departed Rick Porcello who had a career year last year.

While he was solid in limited starts last year for the New York Yankees he still is a relative unknown. It wouldn’t have surprised anyone if he struggled to start the season. His Minor League numbers weren’t encouraging and a few fans were skeptical if he could continue to be successful in the Majors.

Except Greene pitched an absolute gem against the Minnesota Twins. He mowed down Twins hitters left and right on his way to an efficient 8 innings. His quick work of the Twins ended up being necessary as the rain restarted once the game was wrapped up.

It’s hard to see Greene continue this kind of dominance for the rest of the season but it was still an encouraging effort nonetheless. If he can pitch anywhere close to his performance against the Twins, this Tigers starting rotation will surprise a few skeptics throughout the league.

Upcoming Schedule 4/13-4/19

@ PIT 4/13-4/15

Game Times: 4/13: 1:35 PM, 4/14: 7:05 PM, 4/15: 7:05 PM

vs CHI 4/17-4/19

Game Times: 4/17: 1:08 PM, 4/18: 1:08 PM, 4/19: 1:08 PM

The Tigers head over to the NL to face their yearly opponent in the Pittsburgh Pirates for their Opening Day. It’ll be the 3rd Opening Day for the Tigers in as many series as they tour the rest of the nation once again.

After Pittsburgh will be the much-improved Chicago White Sox. While they’ve stumbled out of the gates they’re still dangerous as they carry talents like Jose Abreu and David Robertson.

It’s hard to see the Tigers go 6-0 again this week, but crazier things have happened. Their last World Champions in 1984 went on a crazy 35-5 run as they established themselves as one of the best baseball teams ever. For now this 2015 version of the Tigers stumble along in their quest for a World Series.

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