2015 NFL Draft: Top 5 Detroit Lions Running Back Prospects

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Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

With less than two weeks until the 2015 NFL Draft, Detroit Lions fans seem to be at a stalemate as to the media speculation of the team taking one of the top two running backs in this years draft class — Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon.

The debate can be made that they will or won’t or even that they should or shouldn’t, but until April 30, 2015 no one will know for sure. One thing that we can count on is the fact that at some point, whether it be in round one or round five, a running back will be drafted to replace the departed Reggie Bush.

Now, most of us are aware of the caliber of Gurley and Gordon, so for the sake of our sanity we’ll skip their mesurables in this article. We will however take a look at five other potential fits for the Detroit Lions in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Lets begin, shall we?

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