Detroit Red Wings Mike Babcock Should Stay Put


Most think the grass is greener on the other side, some think that leaving a place makes everything better and some even think they’re more powerful than they really are.

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Mike Babcock is the Red Wings Head Coach. Yesterday, Mike Babcock was told he can explore other opportunities only one team would do that and that is the Detroit Red Wings.

Detroit the past few years hasn’t been a true contender, sure. They’re still the Red Wings, just like Maple Leafs, Canadiens, Bruins, Blackhawks and New York Rangers there’s something special coaching those teams.

The fan bases expect to win every year, well not the Maple Leafs for the time being.

Mike Babcock is the leagues best coach and will get paid, but if he’s wise he stays put.

Unlike the teams rumored, Detroit has more to offer to Mike Babcock.

Mike Babcock is a proven winner, he wants to win just by his demeanor he doesn’t take kindly to losing.

Detroit with a good offseason, even standing pat is best for Babcock at this point, sure Babcock could coach Connor McDavid and maybe McDavid will live up to his hype.

Detroit Red Wings
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Detroit Red Wings

Why chance it though?

Edmonton is clearly the front-runner, Babcock is a Western Canadian kid who grew up in Saskatchewan going to Edmonton would be his coming home party pretty much.

Edmonton hasn’t shown they’re even close to the level of consistency and drafting as Detroit, Edmonton has had many picks inside the top 5 just in the last five years and picked three times at #1 overall.

Sure the Oilers hired Peter Chiarelli and there’s no doubt, Chiarelli is an elite GM. Not better than Ken Holland.

Ken Holland hasn’t had the top picks, but still his organization he runs ranks 2nd in regards to their farm system.

The team Chiarelli just left (Boston) ranks 22nd in a salary cap league, you need to draft well.

Edmonton is in a rebuild, a heavy one. Babcock going there would kill him, Don Cherry of CBC’s Hockey Night In Canada during coaches corner offered his advice, “Don’t go to a rebuild, it will break your heart”

Babcock going to Edmonton, Toronto, Philadelphia or Buffalo would be his worst decision yet. Babcock has always had decent rosters in Detroit, sure it may be missing a few key components, but nothing like those teams have to offer come close to Detroit.

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Even if Mike Babcock leaves that ushers in a new-era in all likelihood Jeff Blashill would be behind the bench in 2015 and that’s not a bad consolation prize because Blashill knows Tomas Tatar, Tomas Jurco, Riley Sheahan, Gustav Nyquist and Petr Mrazek all players he won the Calder Cup with.

In my opinion, Blashill is the next elite Head Coach there’s a reason the Wings locked him up instead of doing what they did to many coaches who coached in Grand Rapids before.

They let them leave.

Ken Holland has said “I won’t give permission for anyone to talk to Jeff Blashill.” Holland says Red Wings have made two offers to Mike Babcock, over past week, Babcock said he would like to explore possibilities.

If Babcock is smart he stays, If he goes Detroit will reload like they did when Scotty Bowman left.

Except Blashill is way better than Dave Lewis.

Babcock deserves the opportunity to get wined and dined, but in the end Detroit should be where he comes back to because after all if winning is the main reason, Detroit’s the no brainier.

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