Mike Babcock’s Future Could Be Known by Next Week


The biggest story line for the Detroit Red Wings this off-season may finally be solved by next week Friday. In an interview with Darren Dreger of TSN Mike Babcock along aside Ken Holland said that by the 20th he will know what his future holds.

He also apparently has more than one offer on the table, which seems obvious.

Babcock sat down with Dreger along with general manager Ken Holland in an interview that will air on TSN’s Sportscenter tonight. He shared a clip from the interview on his Twitter account, however, you are only able to watch it if you have an internet provider in Canada.

In the clip though however, Babcock says that the he will have a decision made about his future by May 20th which is next Friday. This is an interesting change for Babcock who had earlier had a time imposed on himself of May 25th to decide his future. So this either means that Babcock has a good idea of where he wants to go, or he just wants to get this choice over with quicker than he had thought before.

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However, one important thing to notice and to take note of is Babcock did this interview with Holland. In fact, he has basically spent the entire off-season with Holland. The two went to the Czech Republic to this years IIHF Worlds to watch Red Wings prospects such as Dylan Larkin play. It would seem odd to do an interview with Holland if Babcock planned on leaving. If he had done this interview alone without Holland, there is a good chance one might think that his plan was to go somewhere else. Yet, he didn’t and maybe with all the time spent with Holland after the Red Wings were knocked out of the playoffs they have come to an agreement for Babcock to stay and he is just simply looking at his options one more time.

It seems to be split among people in the media. Some seem to think that Babcock has been in Detroit long enough and that he is looking for a new place to coach. Others think that he can see the future that the Red Wings have with players and wants to stick around for it. Even Don Cherry got in on the conversation, telling Babcock to stay with Detroit in a long 14 part tweet as is Cherry style.

What do you think? Does Babcock doing this interview with Holland for TSN mean anything? Had he done it without the Red Wings general manager would you think differently? Will Babcock be with the team next season? Let us know below and stay connected to Detroit Jock City for up to date information about your Detroit Red Wings.

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