Detroit Tigers Fans Should Worry About Winning Series, Not Single Loss


Taking the pulse of Detroit Tigers fans after their 3-2 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers made one thing clear; fans are far too worried about this team when they suffer one loss.

Crazy tweets I know aren’t fully the pulse of Tigers fans, but I saw more that were like this than others.

Then there was this little nugget of gold.

The Brewers have 13 other wins besides last nights win against the Tigers, so yeah they may be the worst team in the league, but they won by one run in a very close game. It happens from time to time, the team losses and sometimes to pretty bad teams. If anything, this has been a constant thing on social media outlets. Fans upset over a really bad loss or a super close one they take to Twitter and call for Ausmus to lose his job and how they wished Jim Leyland was still at the helm.

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Yet Tigers fans need to look at the bigger picture, that being how the series goes. Winning series helps the team more in the long run. Winning streaks are nice but in the full season winning series streaks are what you want from your team. Winning series helps your team stay usually a win or two ahead of others teams in your division. Winning a series can be the difference between being in front or behind one game at the end of the season.

So, how have the Tigers fared this season when it comes to their series?

Good, really good in fact. Let’s take all the series this season, excluding this series that just started. The Tigers are 9-3-1 when it comes to their series. The 1 being a split series with the Kansas City Royals, not sure if that can be considered a win or loss, so we will call it a draw. The Tigers have lost three series this season so far. One to the New York Yankees, KC Royals and Chicago White Sox.

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  • Now if you want a bone to pick with the Detroit Tigers as a team, two losing series against teams in your own division is where you should start and basically end. Losing series against your own division rivals only hurts your team. Winning series against any given NL teams and not great AL teams is nice, but it doesn’t help you directly in the division.

    Some interesting facts about a few series this season for the Tigers, when losing the first game of a series the Tigers went on to win the series two times, including the split with KC. When the Tigers won the first game of a series they twice went on to lose the series, once against New York and KC. Only once have they lost the first game of a series and then went on to lose the series, that was against the White Sox.

    Just something to think about.

    So I guess what I’m asking from all you wonderful Tigers fans is this; stop getting all doom and gloom when the team losses a game. One game is not the end of the world when the team still has 123 games left in the season. You can get into a fit about one loss when we are further down the line and there is maybe 25 to 20 games left in the season. Until then, just enjoy the baseball being played. Watch to see how the series as a whole goes, before you go to Twitter and complain. If they win the series be happy, if they don’t then maybe get upset.

    Use your energy wisely, it is still a long season and there is a lot of baseball left to be played.

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