Detroit Tigers: Cabrera Hidden Ball Trick Just Latest Funny Antic

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Baseball is a sport played by grown men who act more like kids than grown ups, and that is totally fine. In fact it makes the game a lot more interesting and I would rather see my team be enjoying themselves and being losers, than see them stressed out all the time. Watching the other nights Detroit Tigers game against the Oakland Athletes you get a glimpse of the funny antics some go to.

First basemen Miguel Cabrera tried to pull the old “hidden ball” trick on a Oakland base runner. While it wasn’t successful it was funny and showed you this is a game played by a bunch of big kids.

If you are like myself, you may follow the Tigers players on the mass of social media sites. If you have a life unlike myself, let me show you some of the funniest times oddest moments that have made up the Detroit Tigers players free time.

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