Detroit Tigers: Cabrera Hidden Ball Trick Just Latest Funny Antic

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Justin Verlander has finally been coming back to baseball. He has yet to pitch this season, but now if on the door step of coming back. While in Oakland the Tigers righty had a simulated game and the team made sure it was simulated down to the very last detail. They simulated the National Anthem. When Manny Machado got a hit, his first one of the season, they made sure they got the ball back for him. Yet probably the funniest thing that happened in the Verlander simulation was what David Price did as contribution. He sat in the stands not too far from the field and live tweeted the game through his Twitter.

These guys have a lot of fun together and that is a great thing. Having a baseball team that can work together and win games is better than having one that hates each other and doesn’t do a lot of winning. What else has this team done this season that you found funny. Are you happy this team seems to be laid back more, rather than uptight?

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