Five Hated Athletes in Detroit Sports History

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Edgar Renteria

If you want a baseball player to hate that has played for the Detroit Tigers in recent years it should be Edgar Renteria. The Tigers traded away prospect Jiar Jurrjens and Gorkys Hernández for the at the time 33 year-old shortstop. The season that Renteria ended up having was nothing but a disaster.

He finished the year with a .270 batting average, 136 hits, and 10 home runs. Defensively he was terrible, horrifying, unpleasant. Pick any of those words and they would describe the way Renteria played while he was in Detroit. Thankfully the Tigers didn’t pick up on his option and we moved on.

However, the next two seasons Renteria went to the San Francisco Giants and some how in the 2010 season learned to play baseball again. In the post season, he went on a tear and helped the Giants win the World Series and was even named the MVP of the World Series. Why he had one bad season with us I still have yet to figure out, and since that season I’ve hated him and so should you.

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