Detroit Red Wings: 5 Free Agents They Should Go After

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The Detroit Red Wings this offseason have a lot of work to do when it comes to how they handle the free agent market. This seasons free agents pool has a lot of players that could really help the Red Wings out. The team needs to be in the market for a forward that will help fill some holes in the line up. There are two big keys that the team needs to look for in their free agent signings. The first being, looking for big, physical guys who can push around others.

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The other key is finding younger players. It is still perplexing that the team went after and got Marek Zidlicky instead of Jeff Petry. Petry went to a division rival in Montreal and then signed a 6-year deal with them. Zidlicky, while at times was helpful, he also got injured at the end of the season and missed important games throughout the playoffs. He was also on the older side of the scale when it came to the two, he being 38, while Petry is only 27.

This team sometimes likes to pick up the seasoned veteran and sometimes that works out, but if have the ability to go younger in age, nine times out of ten, you should do it. Younger players tend to stay healthier, are more productive and if you’re a team like the Red Wings, you really aren’t looking for a leader because you already have them in players like Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk. Younger only makes sense for this team, it would be nice to see this team go young and have everyone be able to play throughout the season and playoffs.

So here are five players that the Detroit Red Wings should look heavily into investing money into from this years free agent pool.

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