Detroit Red Wings: 5 Great Goals of 2014-15 Season

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Honorable mentions

Obviously there were going to be great goals that got passed over or just couldn’t make it into the top five. So we put them in the honorable mention section because, hey, they are owed the attention and needed to go somewhere.

February shootout against the Chicago Blackhawks

Games against the Chicago Blackhawks are always fun games mostly due in part to both teams not liking one another. Since the Red Wings have moved out of the Western Conference, it has been kind of terrible only playing them twice a season. In February the Red Wings played all but 2 games on the road. After two quick home games the Red Wings set out on a 6 game road trip that had them head west.

They made a quick stop in Chicago to take on the Blackhawks. The game itself was close throughout the whole game, until the end of the third when the two teams were tied. Overtime couldn’t fix this problem and so the two went into a shootout. That is where the fun started, after what looked to be a bad start in the shootout for the Red Wings.

Winning against Chicago is always fun and watching this game only made the rivalry more fun. Both goals by Gustav Nyquist and Tomas Tatar were spectacular. Nyquist through the five hole of Carey Price and Tartar with the beautiful backhand gave the Red Wings a 3-2 win and helped the team start a road trip off the right way.

Justin’s just in time goal against Edmonton 

This one was added to the honorable mention list due in part to it really not being a goal scored by the Red Wings Justin Abdelkader, he was just the nearest one to the net and was awarded the goal. Just watch the game recap, it will all make sense.

I feel like Edmonton scoring on themselves to lose a game was a good representation of how their season went. However, the Red Wings also saw nine wins in the month of January and this was their first one.

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