MLB Draft: Detroit Tigers Names to Watch in the First Round

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Tyler Stephenson, C (Kennesaw Mountain H.S.)

Baseball Prospectus’ mock drafts are for subscribers only, but the top 39 players in their overall draft rankings are not behind the paywall. Coming in at #22 on Christopher Crawford’s Top 125 list is high school catcher Tyler Stephenson.

It looks like it would be a fantastic turn of events if Stephenson falls all the way to Detroit at #22. Every mock draft I’ve seen has him going at #10 or #11 with talk of him potentially sliding inside the Top 10. Wherever he eventually falls, it looks like it will be well before the Tigers get the chance to pull the trigger.

Here’s the player comment on Stephenson from Kiley McDaniels FanGraphs draft board.

"Stephenson wasn’t seen much over the summer, then exploded this spring, showing improved defensive abilty, more bat speed and huge raw power in front of massive crowds of scouts."

Jim Callis: #11 to Cincinnati

Kiley McDaniel: #10 to Philadelphia, ranked #12 overall

Jonathan Mayo: #11 to Cincinnati

John Manuel: #11 to Cincinnati

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