Detroit Red Wings: Anthony Mantha Trade Rumors Might Be Misleading


Last night reports surfaced the Detroit Red Wings were looking to shop prospect Anthony Mantha. Damien Cox of Sportsnet said the Red Wings at the deadline were not willing to trade the 20 year-old Mantha or a first round pick.

Whether Detroit chooses to make that decision is on them, but, there’s no doubt that Mantha is an extremely talented player and with that, Detroit fans are happy about what the future looks like with players like Dylan Larkin and Mantha coming down the line.

The Red Wings have an outstanding source of talent down in the AHL. With them basically stock piling talent, it is a good thing. Detroit’s Ken Holland has been eager to “Stand Pat” in order to not get burned by a trade because a prospect turned into an outstanding player.

Most fans will say, “why doesn’t Holland trade anymore?”

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For one, Detroit hasn’t been in the contender category so they haven’t needed to go out and get a player who could win a Stanley Cup. Detroit’s Holland was waiting to see what the kids like Tomas Tatar and Gustav Nyquist would do. By many accounts they exceeded the expectations of Holland.

Secondly, since Detroit was playing the waiting game, why give up a prospect that has all the talent for just a player? Washington for one example made the trade for Martin Erat, but in the process they gave up one of the rising stars in the NHL Flip Forsberg.

Lastly, Detroit is going to need to make a trade at this some point this offseason or regular season and there’s no doubt about that. The Red Wings need a shot on the point badly. Jonathan Ericsson was on Detroit’s top pair last season, and only had 82 shots in 82 games. A lot of Detroit’s problems are getting chances not having the shot on the blue line. You’re trade will happen, don’t worry.

So what is the point of Anthony Mantha trade talk? 

It puts teams on notice, they might call Detroit for trades. It’s like fishing, Holland is baiting the hook and casting it out there. Will a team bite on Holland’s bait? That remains to be seen, he won’t trade someone as talented as Mantha for peanuts.

Do I believe this is bait? I do, I think in the bigger picture, it’s giving teams the mindset Mantha is a top 10 prospect and he would benefit a team that has the defensive depth, that needs an offensive boast.

It could be intriguing to field offers not knowing how highly teams view Mantha. In the realm of possibility that Mantha is traded, it’ll be for a big name. Holland isn’t trading if he feels it doesn’t benefit Detroit from short-term to long-term.

Dion Phaneuf trade rumors involving Detroit, shouldn’t take Mantha. 

Dion Phaneuf is a good player, I personally believe that Phaneuf was never made to play hockey in Toronto and I believe his time is over in Toronto. The Maple Leafs are a mess, and yes, getting Babcock is great for them, but isn’t going to drastically make them a team that will be eyeing the NHL Playoffs anytime soon.

Would Toronto benefit from dealing Phaneuf? No doubt, Toronto needs talent, yet, there is still the draft to do and an offseason to finish. However, let’s put something to rest, Mantha isn’t going in a deal for Phaneuf, as Cox said; Detroit wasn’t willing to deal Mantha OR their first round pick.

I don’t believe Holland will trade for a guy like Phaneuf who has a big cap hit and in the process you’re really taking a chance on if he can turn it around or not. I don’t think Holland chances the future of a prospect like Mantha for a guy like Phaneuf.

Elliotte Friedman detailed what Ken Holland may be looking for,

"Hearing Detroit is looking for a defenceman who can take some of the physical responsibility from Niklas Kronwall. While the Red Wings like their prospects, they see too many similarities to what is already there. Wanted: someone with a bit of mean."

No one knows who that might be, but come this time of the year the trade rumors start to swirl. So buckle your chinstraps and ride it out, because I don’t think we’ve seen the last of rumors involving Detroit.

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