Detroit Tigers All-Star Game Hat is Just as Awful as the Rest


Major League baseball and New Era Caps unveiled the 2015 All-Star Game cap collection with a graphic showing the design that players of each MLB team will wear. The design features two horizontal stripes as a tribute to the Reds’ historical pill box design.

See the image in the embedded tweet below. The Detroit Tigers hat is in the middle row on the far left.

This isn’t the only image to have surfaced on the internet — others show dark colored hats for American League teams instead of gray ones — so perhaps there will a separate version for other festivities like the home run derby. Or maybe New Era and MLB are simply trying out some good old fashioned capitalism and trying to release multiple versions of a hat no ones really going to wear very much.

It’ll be interesting to see these hats in action because the above picture makes most of them look pretty bad. The Detroit Tigers’ version of a gray background with navy blue stripes, brim, and back and an orange Olde English D looks very busy. The logo doesn’t stand out very well and just looks kind of washed out.

I wouldn’t consider any of the designs to be particularly good. The Blue Jays version looks alright and the Royals design is fine (which is good, since we’ll be watching eight or nine starters wear that hat), but that’s maybe about it. The Reds’ home version looks fine but it doesn’t wow me at all.

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