Detroit Tigers’ Inconsistent Pitching, Offense Lead To Disappointing Week 11


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What an absolutely disappointing Week 11 for the Detroit Tigers. They came out looking flat with consistency which might have been the only thing they did consistently all week.

They started off the week three games back of first place in the AL Central and now find themselves 5.5 games out. They lost some ground. The offense really didn’t look impressive as they had spurts of greatness (Sunday) and spurts of not so great (their 13-inning loss on Wednesday).

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Inconsistency has plagued this Tigers team. The offense needs to perform less as feast-or-famine in order for the Tigers to win consistently down the road.

While the pitching has looked at least formidable as of late there’s no denying that they too have struggled this week. All in all a lot went wrong for the Tigers this week. But there’s really still no denying this team’s talent after seeing what they can do Sunday against the Yankees.

If the Tigers are going to fight back and get in on this postseason race they need to start dialing things up soon. With the recent additions of Justin Verlander and Victor Martinez though, it’ll only help out this team more.

And now, a look back at Week 11 for your 2015 Detroit Tigers.

Record: 2-4

vs CIN: 1-1

@ CIN: 0-1 (6/18 PPD to 8/24)

@ NYY: 1-2

Game of the Week: Sunday, June 21st vs New York Yankees 12-4 W

The Week 11 Game of the Week featured plenty of festivities for Tigers fans. There were home runs everywhere (literally, Andrew Romine hit a home run). J.D. Martinez would blast three out of the stadium in what was an offensive explosion for the Tigers.

Victor Martinez, who recently rejoined the team after a stint on the Disabled List, would get in on the home run parade. It’s absolutely nice to see the elder Martinez blast a home run after struggling so much to start the season.

If Martinez can provide an offensive spark for this team that will be huge. This offense has been inconsistent as of late and a big veteran bat like Martinez’s will only do this lineup some good.

Coupled with all the offense is Sanchez’s solid start against this team. While it’s hard to focus on such a blowout Sanchez would still dial it in and throw seven innings of three run ball.

There was a lot going for this Tigers team this game and it showed. While Yankee Stadium is still a little bandbox the Tigers’ home runs would have all been no-doubters in other ballparks.

All in all this was a fun game for Tigers fans and players alike. After a rough week it was nice to see this team blowout the Evil Empire to also wrap up the season series with them.

Tigers Pitching Performance of the Week:

Anibal Sanchez vs Cincinnati Reds 6/15/15

Live Feed

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  • Line: 9 IP, 0 R, 0 ER, 7 K, 2 H, 0 BB, 112 pitches, 73 strikes

    There is no way any pitcher can deny Anibal Sanchez this spot in Week 11. Sanchez threw a complete game shutout against the Cincinnati Reds to start the week. After struggling so much to start the season Sanchez has really pitched well recently.

    Along with Sanchez’s complete game, this is the third straight week the Tigers have enjoyed a complete game by their starter. These kinds of games are not only huge because of the win, but because it’s a much-needed day off for the bullpen.

    Sanchez though was brilliant in his start against the Reds. He looked smooth and in control all throughout. Only allowing a mere two hits all game mirrored with no walks is superb.

    He finished with a Game Score of 90 which is the highest since Sanchez’s near no-hitter in 2013 against the Minnesota Twins. He was that good against the Reds.

    Sanchez would go on to throw another solid start against the New York Yankees later that week (7 IP, 3 ER) and it really looks like he has turned a corner. The Tigers might not even have to trade for Johnny Cueto or a different starter if their starting rotation can produce like we expect them to.

    For now though Sanchez takes this category with an absolute gem against the Reds. The only thing that could have stopped him was his escalating pitch count. But instead he ignored that and pitched outstandingly instead.

    Biggest Takeaways from Week 11

    One thing that needs to be mentioned after such a down week is definitely the effect Manager Brad Ausmus had on this team. There were numerous times that it can be argued that Ausmus’ pitching management put the Tigers in an unfavorable spot.

    Letting Justin Verlander throw 117 pitches in his SECOND start back from injury is unexplainable. While this is the workhorse Verlander we’re talking about, it’s still his Spring Training. He came back just recently and there’s no way that he should have been allowed to pitch that long.

    While there were reports his velocity didn’t fade as easily as recent years it’s still mind-boggling how Ausmus let Verlander continue to pitch. He really needs to know when it’s time to take his starter out of the game.

    Another issue there is his handling of Alfredo Simon on Saturday. Simon did not look impressive in his start. He threw 45 pitches for the first four outs of the game and seemed to struggle with his command. Letting him go out for the third inning was a mistake.

    A 3-0 game after two innings is still manageable. But the Yankees were able to break it wide open in the third with a five-run inning.

    Then there’s the case of Joakim Soria. Soria (the best pitcher in the Tigers’ bullpen) didn’t see much action recently and has pitched a total of SIX times in the month of June alone.

    While sure, getting your closer some innings without a save situation is hard, it really shouldn’t be. The rust has shown recently and Ausmus really needs to let his best pitcher get some playing time more often.

    Now, this isn’t in any way to put all the Tigers’ struggles on Ausmus here. These are just examples where Ausmus could have done a better job. But it’s still the players that decide the outcome of the game.

    It’s not Ausmus’ fault that the Tigers only scored four runs in 13 innings Wednesday. Neither is it his fault that his pitchers give up meatballs to hitters like Todd Frazier. The manager has a minimal impact on the game still.

    And that’s exactly why it’s so frustrating to watch the Tigers mingle away like this. They’re such a talented team that needs to be more consistent. The offense exploded in their last game against the Yankees. Where was that all the Cincinnati series?

    This team is still loaded with talent. But some players are going to have to step it up if they want to compete for the AL Central crown this year.

    Upcoming Schedule 6/22-6/28

    @ CLE 6/22-6/24

    Game Times: 6/22: 7:10 PM, 6/23: 7:10 PM, 6/24: 12:10 PM

    vs CWS 6/25-6.28

    Game Times: 6/25: 1:08 PM, 6/26: 7:08 PM, 6/27: 4:08 PM, 6/28: 1:08 PM

    The Tigers need to rebound after a tough Week 11, they lost some serious ground on the division leaders in the AL Central. And what better way to do it than facing division rivals all week?

    Luckily the Tigers will also be facing the two teams below them in the AL Central standings. Both the Cleveland Indians and Chicago White Sox both are loaded with talent but they find themselves struggling in 2015.

    To top it all off the Tigers are playing solid ball against both Central division foes. They are 7-2 against the Indians and 5-4 against the White Sox. This is the perfect match-up to get these Tigers back on track after such a disappointing Week 11.

    One thing the Tigers need to do though is that they really can’t be underestimating their opponents. The Reds are nowhere near a powerhouse and the Tigers still dropped two against them. The pitching looked spotty and the offense inconsistent.

    While the Tigers are facing two teams they have played well this season, they still need to look to pounce on both teams. The Indians and White Sox still carry premier Major League talent and can do some damage.

    There’s a reason the national media liked both teams so much enough to project them to win the Central in some preseason predictions. While they have struggled, the Tigers are must execute properly, especially after the recent down stretch.

    The Tigers now stand a far 5.5 games back out of first place in the AL Central. While the deficit is in no way impossible to make up, it’s a long way from the 3 games back they were out of first last week.

    They need to do some work and this is their time. With so much money invested in the Tigers, it would be plain disappointing to see them miss the postseason after legitimate championship aspirations entering the season.

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