20 Best NBA Draft Picks in Michigan Wolverines History

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Juwan Howard’s NBA career got off to a fast start as he was named an NBA All-Rookie Second Team selection then an All-Star in his second season. Washington then signed Howard to the NBA’s first $100 million contract, although he would never match the 22.1 points per game he averaged during his second NBA season. Still, he was solidly a double-digit scorer and could be counted on for 7-8 rebounds per game for much of his career.

He may not have lived up to that contract, and that meant he was often a trade target for shifting around salary cap space, but his longevity is a testament to worth as an NBA player. No former Wolverine has played in more NBA games than Howard’s 1208 over the course of his 19 seasons. Even with a wane in production late in his career, Howard finished with career averages of 13.4 points, 6.1 rebounds and 2.2 assists.

Howard was almost more coach than player with the Miami Heat, but in 2011-12 he became the first and only member of the Fab 5 to win a World Championship.

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