5 of the Worst Detroit Red Wings Draft Picks

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Thomas McCollum, Goaltender, 2008 1st round 30th overall

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Tom McCollum is a goal tender I always forget this team even has in the system. He was the Red Wings 1st round pick in the 2008 draft and while he was the number one overall goaltender talent. However, he never really panned out as good in any sense of the way. It’s not like he got hurt and couldn’t ever come back from that, he literally just couldn’t perform. Then you look at some of the players they passed up for a goalie they may have been able to wait on or take someone else. They passed on Justin Shultz, Jared Staal and Jake Allen, who might not be the greatest is doing far better than McCollum.

Now McCollum is down in the AHL most of the time and with Petr Mrazek now jumping over him, McCollum doesn’t seem like he will be up with Red Wings any time soon. He might have been the late pick in the first round, but the other players there seemed like better choices and McCollum was just one of those highlight players, that never worked out in the NHL.

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