5 of the Worst Detroit Red Wings Draft Picks

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Keith Primeau – Center, 1990 1st round 3rd overall

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Again, this is a pick that I went and looked at the rest of the class and thought, how in the world did you take this guy when you could have had that guy! Which, yes I’m aware hindsight is 20/20 and we all can say that, but let’s just push that aside.

Players taken over Keith Primeau that just make me cringe are names like Jaromir Jagr and Martin Brodeur. We may still have Jagr if we had picked him at 3rd, of the three guys he is the only one still playing. Yet, having him early in his career would have amazing. Then the irony that is Brodeur. The Red Wings have two first round goaltenders on this list and yet, missed a great goaltender. Which at the time I get they didn’t need, but still, you get the chance to finally draft a good goaltender and they don’t.

Kind of like Kindl, Primeau wasn’t a bad player when he was with the Red Wings, he was pretty good in his five seasons here. Yet still Jagr and Brodeur, just the thought of that hurts.

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