5 of the Worst Detroit Red Wings Draft Picks

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Curtis Bowen – Left wing, 1992 1st round 22nd overall

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When you can’t find too much about a guy who was at one time a first round pick should say something. Finding any information about this guys was difficult and I only found him thanks to Octopus Thrower editor Nate Francis who told me to look at certain years of drafts. Curtis Bowen never played a single game in the NHL, he spent his entire career in the minors and the team passed on other players that may have worked out better.

Valeri Bure and Michael Peca. However the rest of the draft served well for the team. They picked up Darren McCarty, which is why he is the photo over this text and not Bowen, in the next round. Yet, the 90’s is where the drafting for the Detroit Red Wings started to become great at drafting. Who are some of the worst picks you’ve seen the Red Wings make in your life time?

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